SSS formally supports Independence for Scotland and the Yes campaign


The Scottish Secular Society has today announced its support for a YES vote in the Scottish independence referendum. This decision was taken after extensive consultations with its members, who have supported this stance by more than 90% of the votes cast in an online poll. This position piece briefly sets out the reasons why we, as secularists, have chosen to support Scottish independence. The Scottish Secular … Continue Reading ››

Scottish Secular Society launch petition seeking guidance on how ‘creationism’ is presented in schools

  • SSS challenge religious extremism in Scottish schools
  • Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell backs SSS petition
  • Efforts to obtain official guidance continually thwarted by Government
Spencer Fildes, the Chair of the Scottish Secular Society said today: “The Scottish Secular Society (SSS) finds itself in the incredible position, in 2014, of having to petition our elected leaders to … Continue Reading ››

Scottish Secular Society support Peter Tatchell’s protest at 2014 Commonwealth Games

The Scottish Secular Society support Peter Tatchell's protest against persecution of sexual minorities in Commonwealth countries ahead of 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has sent a message to David Cameron urging him to take the opportunity during the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow to speak out against the institutional persecution of homosexual, bisexual, transgender and intersex people in 42 Commonwealth states. Mr Tatchell's message can be read in full by following this … Continue Reading ››

Over $5,000 raised for Engineers without Borders

CAL MACDONALD RAISES OVER $5,000 FOR ENGINEERS WITHOUT BORDERS Cal Macdonald runs internationally renowned podcast: Trolling with Logic 24-hour charity marathon attracted internet glitterati Scottish Secular Society member attracts international attention to Scotland Cal Macdonald has today raised $3,630 from around the world for international secular organisation Engineers without Borders from his 24-hour charity marathon. Donations are still coming in! Macdonald, 35, runs his Trolling with Logic podcast from his one-bedroom flat in Aberdeen which he shares with … Continue Reading ››
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An Independent Secular Scotland

jackie bird copy A Independent Secular Scotland - by Garry Otton Did Scotland really bring the Scottish Enlightenment to the world; have five universities to England’s two and become the most literate citizens in Europe by the eighteenth century? If so, shouldn’t we be welcoming independence with a bit more gusto instead of letting ourselves be admonished like naughty children asking for something we don’t deserve? ‘Aggressive’ CyberNats … Continue Reading ››

Scottish Secular Society Vice-Chair Ramin Forghani organises public seminar for Ex-Muslims Scotland

SCOTTISH SECULAR SOCIETY VICE-CHAIR RAMIN FORGHANI ORGANISES PUBLIC SEMINAR FOR EX-MUSLIMS SCOTLAND "Public Seminar: Apostasy, Atheism, Secularism and Ex-Muslims: 28 June 2014" Founder of Ex-Muslims Scotland, Ramin Forghani has announced an inaugural event and first public seminar of Ex-Muslims Scotland.  It will take place on Saturday, 28 June 2014 from 2.00pm to 5.00pm at CitizenM Hotel, 60 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G2 3BW. The seminar is open to members of the public. Ramin Forghani is the founder of Ex-Muslims … Continue Reading ››

Scottish Secular Society call on Mike Russell MSP to ban creationism in schools

SSS CALL ON MIKE RUSSELL MSP TO BAN CREATIONISM IN SCHOOLS Former Scottish Secular Society Chair, Caroline Lynch says: “Creationism and the denial of evolution have been found in three separate Scottish schools. This, and evidence collected from parents, confirms our belief that such views and excesses may be endemic in the system. “The Scottish curriculum does not specifically state that teaching creationism as an alternative to the overwhelming scientific consensus on the origins of the universe … Continue Reading ››

Scottish Secular Society challenges Falkirk Council on proposed change to schools admission policy

SCOTTISH SECULAR SOCIETY CHALLENGES FALKIRK COUNCIL ON PROPOSED CHANGE TO SCHOOLS ADMISSIONS POLICY The Scottish Secular Society (SSS) Chair, Spencer Fildes has today written to Falkirk Council urging them not to discriminate against those children entering Roman Catholic schools of no faith or other faiths. Falkirk Council is planning to introduce a discriminatory schools admission policy to ensure children who are baptised into the Catholic Church are given priority over other children getting into these schools. Catholic … Continue Reading ››

Falkirk Council and Religion

As the debate rages over Falkirk’s sectarian schools, Garry Otton reveals Falkirk Council’s previous in Christian zealotry.   Falkirk Council is planning on introducing a discriminatory schools admission policy to ensure children who are baptised into the Catholic Church are given priority over other children getting into these schools. Catholic kids will need to show a baptismal certificate. Any unfilled places will go to children of parents of … Continue Reading ››

The Rise of Religious Fascism

  simpleRegFascover   After its peak in Scotland in 2000, religious fascism is back with a vengeance, and once again, it’s the gays they want first From Garry Otton's new book 'Religious Fascism' A year after Turkey flounced off the Eurovision Song Contest rather than risk exposing their nation to two Finnish females snogging, Austrian bearded drag queen, Conchita Wurst flounced onto TV screens calling the advance of gay rights “unstoppable”. … Continue Reading ››